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As a long-standing partner, Lantal serves EUROBUS with tour coach interiors. In conjunction with a bus fleet and corporate design renewal project, Lantal also provided guidance on color coordination and interior styling.

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EUROBUS is Switzerland’s largest private bus network operator. The company periodically updates parts of its bus fleet. For many years now, Lantal has been a supplier of interiors for EUROBUS tour coaches. This applies mainly to the “Comfort Bus”, “Comfort Mini”, and “Double Decker” vehicle segments. Early this year, EUROBUS refreshed its corporate design. This involved modifications of the exterior layout as well as of the coach interiors. Lantal provided color consulting services for the interior upgrades in the Comfort Bus fleet. For the new buses of that fleet, Lantal delivered velvet seat covers as well as red curtains and piping to emphasize the seat contours. These interior elements harmonize well with the white-red exterior livery that radiates authentic Swissness. Additionally, red is a design concept color and an eye-catching coach interior feature.